School’s Out.

How am I supposed to feel?! I have just experienced the most amazing four weeks, created incredible friendships/family and now the school has ended, people have gone and... I have no idea. What do you do with this information? This, experience? How do you settle back into what was, having experienced what has been and … Continue reading School’s Out.

The Greatest Day.

Saturday 2nd July. Oh snap. Scotland, Ireland, Alaska and some other states met up in a wee local car park to travel onwards and outwards to Lake Shasta. Chris and I joined Erik & Wee Chris (party to the Alaskan Experience) in their car and journeyed outwards towards Shasta, supported by 90 minutes of great … Continue reading The Greatest Day.

Write on.

Here is, eh, an update. This week has been an amazing week for friendship. We’ve had so many great times laughing and sharing together, across many different apartments, and with so many different groups of people. Redding’s water park was rented out for our school and it was a perfect opportunity to join with different … Continue reading Write on.

Kingdom Culture.

I attended a conference! As part of the school of worship we were given free access to this conference. It was ha-mazing! Consisted of seven sessions that began on Wednesday evening and finished on Friday night. Ohhhhh Emmmm Geeeeeeebers. I actually had no idea what this conference was about when I arrived. When we arrived … Continue reading Kingdom Culture.

But why?

What is the point? Why half believe in God? Even, why believe in God and the things he says and does and not do something about it? This whole school/experience/bonanza, mind your knees, is becoming challenging. I am here, in a school that is taught by a Church that lives in “connection” with Jesus, with … Continue reading But why?

Blast Off.

This is an update, I’ve finally found internet. Prepare yourselves and ready your caps, we are journeying back in time. RECAP! Oh my, this is a school to be excited about. I have had a most excellent time. The culture these people live in is unlike anything else! They could be on the stage, they … Continue reading Blast Off.